Cat with Baseball Sized Tumor Gets Her Beautiful Smile Back, Now Needs a Home!

Keta the cat is the very picture of courage. When rescued she had a baseball sized tumor. But her love of life and courage never faltered as she battled back from the brink.

The lovely feline roamed sidewalks and city streets as a nomad until you was turned in at a kill shelter, unsure of what life had in store for her.

The shelter staff carefully examined her, noticing a tumor inside of her mouth. The tumor’s size distorted her facial features due to its massive size. Each day that passed drew her closer to an uncertain future. That was until UnWanted NYC Pets rescued her from the animal shelter and granted her a new lease on life.

They were up for the challenge resolute in their resolve. They contacted countless specialists and health professionals in an effort to develop just the right treatment for the special and brave cat.

Keta was ravenous, scraping down any food she was offered,  in spite of a tumor the size of a baseball. Her enthusiastic eating was a testament to her quest to live life and triumph.