Cat Celebrates His 31st Christmas, Making Him 141 in Cat Years

A couple recounts the day, some 26 years ago, that a 5-year-old cat wandered into their backyard and lives. He engraved himself on their hearts making him an integral part of their family. This marks the 31st Christmas for Nutmeg the incredible cat.

Rumored to possess nine lives, the remarkable cat bounced back and persevered over an illness the prior year. The wise old age of 31 has left his him deaf in one ear and with only 3 teeth. However, he remains brave and resilient, refusing to succumb to death.

Some 26 years ago, Nutmeg found his forever humans, Liz and Ian Finlay. Emaciated, the stray kitten seized the hearts of the couple, with whom he has remained ever since. After an evaluation from the Cat Protection League, they guessed his age to be five years old, by examining his teeth. His life spared, Nutmeg remained loyal and caring to the family.

Ian commented to ChronicleLive that their relationship with Nutmeg was not the usual owner/cat relationship. Instead, Ian felt that the family was “his humans” and he reminded them of that always. He also believed that was the source of Nutmeg’s longevity.

Authorities had to approximate Nutmeg’s age as he was a stray cat. Guinness World Record refuses to honor their claim as can’t confirm his exact date of birth. That doesn’t stop the family from celebrating their beloved companion none the less. The title of Oldest Living Cat at age 30 was Scooter. After his passing, the title returned to Corduroy the Cat, age 26.

Happy Holidays and be sure to share the tale.