14-year Old Boy Dives into Overpass to Save Cat Hanging Over Bridge – Kitty Clings to Him for Life…

Boy Jumps Out Of Their Car To Save A Hanging Cat
A boy hurried to save a kitty that hang off the over-bridge on a freeway.The grateful cat clung to his rescuer and held onto him.
This is Gavin, and Lucky, the cat.

While driving her son to a party, Erin Brown could not believe her eyes when he saw a cat thrown out of a speeding vehicle ahead of them. As he stopped his car, Gavin, her son, warned the oncoming vehicle to stop so he could help the kitten.
Sharing with Love Meow, Brown says Gavin was frightened as he watched the cat crash on the pavement. He rushed to the overpass, got to the top and brought the disturbed cat. Brown says she was in confusion too to see her son fly out the car to save the cat.

The cat was gasped heavily from the shock. His nails were pulled off from trying to hold the pavement too hard.
He clung right into Gavin’s arms, and the boy held him firmly and just kept petting him to show him he was safe and get the cat’s trust.”

They took Lucky to BluePearl Animal Hospital, and the employees began treating him. They gave him medication to ease the pain. The union was instant, and Gavin was a hot emotional over his new friend.
Afterward, Samaritan head of their story via Facebook and offered to take responsibility for the medical bills. Gavin was excited over this kind of support and tears were flowing from his eyes. Gavin then stated that he would give his $63 to take care of the bills. Brown’s heart was filled with gratitude.

Lucky is doing fine and getting better at his new home. The two friends became much attached. Brown says that Lucky knows that Gavin rescued him and their relationship is indescribable. She also says that Lucky is an excellent and lively cat. She is lovable.
The brave boy loves animals and would love to be a veterinary when he grows up. He is working hard to make it come true.

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