Courageous Woman Loses Life in Effort to Rescue Cats from Blazing House Inferno So They Survive

Sadly, a young woman lost her life after an attempt to rescue her cherished felines from a blazing home. Authorities discovered her slumped on the floor, clutching one of her pet cats.

The young woman’s family scoured the neighborhood in relentless pursuit of the missing cat. After two days they discovered her!

At only 23, Yueh-ling Tsai, from Taiwan adored her two cats as if they were her own children. She doted on them persistently.

Once the house was bathed in flames, Tsai concluded her cats remained in the home, trapped. Unable to contend with the thought her pets still remained in harm’s way, she rushed back in to rescue them. However, she never emerged alive.

After extinguishing the huge fire, firefighters found Tsai’s body on the floor of the home, still cradling one of her cats. However, her other cat Duoduo was nowhere in sight.