Feral Kittens Completely Terrified of Humans Experience Love for the First Time, It Changes Everything…

Three feral cats have transformed completely, going from shrinking away from any human contact to begging for snuggles with their humans. Oh, the changes wrought with the passing of a few days time. Say hello to Bigelow (ginger),  Earl Grey (white and gray) and Jasmine(calico).

The kittens lived each day frightened of human touch. The tiny young cats were born on land belonging to Rihanna, who operates a shelter right outside her house for area stray cats. She noticed the feral mother cat and left food often for her and her kittens to eat. However, one day she was gone.

Without seeing the mother cat for two full weeks and with nighttime temperatures dipping below zero, Rihanna had a valid cause for concern.  Without a mother to care for them the three kittens faced an unknown future, having to forage for food all alone. After receiving a call about the kittens Chris Poole knew he had to spring into action. He gathered some kitten traps and set out a few days later. He said, “We managed to trap them all in one day!”