Cat finds an orphaned baby rabbit, adopts and raises it as one of her own

Animals are compassionate beings, and this cat is no exception. Her name is Snuggle Puss and she is as loving and caring as they come. This kitty came across a baby rabbit who needed help and what was her response? To take it in and care for it of course! Seeing the infant rabbit needing love kicked Snaggle Puss’ mothering tendencies into action and she becomes a surrogate for the rabbit. Bubbles, the rabbit, has been orphaned after her mother died when she was only one week old, Snaggle Puss had kittens of her own and was sprung into action to make sure Bubbles would survive.

The video below shows the love and compassion between two beings, it does not matter the species or differences, they love each other regardless. There’s a lesson in there for us all.

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