A Snow Leopard Was captured In Natural Environment By Rare Footage

The moment of a snow leopard walking in its natural environment was captured by a camera trap in the Altai-Sayan Mountains.
A rare footage collected from a camera trap on the border of Russian-Mongolian has revealed a rare snow leopard in its natural environment.
When the footage, which was filmed in the Altai-Sayan Mountains, was played, the rare big cat was seen examining the camera close to the filmer’s tent.
This is what the filmer wrote online later on: “Snow leopards are now living in some of the worst conditions on the planet.
“Their coat, a white-gray spotted with big black rosettes, matches perfectly with the rocky and steep mountains of Central Asia.
“Because of the snow leopard’s powerful build, it could scale great steep slopes easily. Its hind legs help the snow leopard to leap 6 times over the length of its own body.

“His long tail is used to provide agility and balance and to also wrap around himself when he is resting, as a means of protection from the cold weather.
Play the video to see the footage of this astonishing rare big cat.