Train Conductor Hears Cry From Under Train, Then Realizes Cat Was Stuck There For 12 Hours

Cats are strange, they just kind of do what they want, when they want and don’t seem to care much about anything. If you have a cat then you’ll know that they love to find new hiding places, but where’s the most unusual place you’ve found a cat?

Brad Slater is a train conductor, one day he was doing routine safety checks when he could hear cries coming from under the train. He decided to investigate further and he found a cat on the engine deck of the train! They determined that the cat must’ve been under the traveling train for around 12 hours. Despite the temperatures under the train getting as low as -40 the cat, who has been nicknamed Q-199 after the train he was found on, only suffered from frostbite.

The train Q was found on had been traveling to Edmonton from Winnipeg so they don’t know exactly where Q came from. Brad gave Q food and water to keep him going until he could take him to the vet. Amazingly Q appeared on the news following his train trip and his family have now been found. The family believes Q is, in fact, their cat named Tiger.

Brad says Q seems to be a house cat and does respond to the name Tiger. The family is now on the way to reunite with Tiger and get him home safe and sound.

We are SO glad Tiger was found and his story has ended well!

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