New State Law Allows Pets To Be Buried With Their Humans

New York State laws are changing to keep pace with the desires of pet-adoring constituents. One of the latest additions to the legislation allows people to be laid to rest right with their pets.

You may be thinking, that pets aren’t allowed to be buried alongside their families.

The New York Times reported that exact numbers are unknown regarding other states and jurisdictions allowing pet burial alongside owners in human cemeteries. Overall this practice hasn’t been permitted in New York, according to Mr. Fleming of The New York Association of Cemeteries.

That is until the passage of the new law in New York.

Until recently, pet moms and dads who declined being laid to rest without their fur babies had no choice but to be interred in an animal cemetery.  Director of the Hartsdale Pet Cemetery, Edward C. Martin Jr., reports that each year between 5-7 pet parents are buried in the cemetery.