New State Law Allows Pets To Be Buried With Their Humans

Before the passage of the new law, some loved ones would place an urn of ashes of a beloved pet into their loved one’s casket before burial. However, they can avoid this practice and instead make formal preparations for their human and animal family members with the new law on their side. Families need not fret if a family member passes before a pet. They now have the peace of mind to know their loved ones can be laid to rest alongside their precious pets.

According to the laws on New York books, cremation is mandatory for all animals. However, this new development allowing pet burial alongside humans can be used as a marketing factor for potential clients.

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The new law seems to have finally evolved to reflect the growing importance of animals in contemporary families. For creatures that function as such an integral part of our everyday life, why no allow them to be buried with humans as the family they truly are?

Dog walker Shakeema Hutcherson understands the impact the new law will have. “It’s like having a kid, so it’s like having a kid buried next to you,” she remarked to The New York Times. As a mom to a Pomeranian-Chihuahua mix and a fiercely independent cat, she would know.

Do you think other states should follow suit with similar laws?