Rooster Loves To Creep Up On His Family When They Least Expect It

Each morning begins the same. A rooster abandons his perch atop the living room sofa, races up two flights of stairs, catapults himself on the bed and leans forward so his face hovers a mere 3 inches from those of the peacefully slumbering people.

Then he releases a screech.

His owner, Rara Subramanyan, explains “He doesn’t cockle doodle doo. There is no doodle in it.”

He likens it to more of a roar of a lion.

The complimentary wake-up call is a perk of living life with Mr. p-Blizzard.

The rooster rules the roost. The family, including Rara Subramanyan, Brian Kelly(her husband) along with their two kids, three felines, and a pug are merely along for the ride.