5 photos of dogs seriously questioning the mental health of their owners

If you have a pet, you have already surprised him looking at you, perplexed, with the air of thinking: “Seriously Bro?! “…

Well, it is precisely this moment that Elke Vogelsang, a German photographer, tries to capture in her series of photos titled Dogs questioning the photographer’s sanity (= Dogs questioning the mental health of their masters).

Elke Vogelsang says dogs are her first inspiration and are her favorite photography subjects. Her three dogs, which she has adopted in Spain, are also on some of her pictures. She tells :

They are my joy and my inspiration. I could not imagine better companions, I’m so lucky to have them in my life.
We leave you to admire these very amusing photos of dogs who do not know what to think of their owners!

1 – Please lord! help me support this

2 – Are you serious?

3 – Can you stop looking at me?

4 – You are freaking me out!

5 – I am seriously worried about his mental health