5 Ways to Tell Your Pooch Really Adores You

We love our dogs just like the family they truly are. Our devotion to them in the extra little things we do aside from the routine washing and feeding. We may give them a special treat or toy they truly enjoy. However, how can you truly know how your dog feels about you? We may get a glow deep down inside that they do, but being able to pinpoint for certain their feelings would sure rock! Sometimes you may feel things are not reciprocated in your human-pet relationship. However, if your dog takes these 5 actions, it signals that just may return your affection.

#1 Playing and Roughhousing With You

Dogs love to play and often at the worst possible time! Still, a playful nip and attempts to wrestle with you can serve as a sign of your pet’s growing affection. Playing is their natural way to show love. Notice when your dog interacts with another dog. He often will exhibit the same behavior with you.  Safely wrestle and roll around with your pooch to strengthen your bond.