Dog falls into well and hangs on for hours. Rescuers rush into action to save her from drowning

The prospect of watching an innocent animal cling to life is a very sad one and unfortunately, these animals often pass away before they are given a chance to receive the help that they so desperately need. While dogs have a curious and inquisitive nature that makes them absolutely adorable, this nature can also get them into a lot of trouble….as the dog in this clip would soon learn.

She was exploring the area surrounding a water reservoir and we are sure that her chosen objective was much different than what actually took place. The poor animal ended up falling into the reservoir and ended up floundering in the water for a significant period of time. She was doing her absolute best to stay alive, but the animal’s will to live would be severely tested.

She displayed a tremendous amount of fortitude by staying alive on her own for as long as she did. While some of us may have given up and let ourselves by carried away by the waters, this dog had other plans. She spent several hours hanging on for dear life and tapped into a whole new level of strength that she did not even know she had.

This story serves as a powerful metaphor for human existence. This well-meaning dog got herself into a difficult predicament through no real fault of her own and instead of allowing herself to wallow in self-pity, she pulled herself up by the bootstraps and summoned the necessary gumption. This animal hung onto the well where she was trapped for so long that her paws were bloodied by the time she was found.

The good people at Animal Aid Unlimited were not about to let this dog’s efforts come to naught in the end. They intervened at the perfect moment and if not for their rescue mission, we do not know what would have become of this poor dog. We do not wish to spoil the ending of this amazing story for our readers, so you will definitely want to check out this awesome video for yourself!

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