Here’s What It Means If Your Dog Follows You Around Everywhere

When we take our dogs home for the first time, we don’t just inherit a friend – We also inherit a shadow. No matter where you go in your house or what you decide to do, your dog wants to be by your side. Even if you are showering or trying to use the restroom, a dog will want to come with you. Some dog owners may find it adorable. Others may find it to be incredibly irritating.

But did you know that there are some very good reasons why your dog partakes in these behaviors? First of all, dogs tend to suffer from serious separation anxiety. They do not possess the ability to understand the fact that you are coming back to them every time you leave. That’s why it is important for dog owners to get their pets used to the idea of spending time in a crate. We should also not make a habit of announcing our departures, as this increases their level of anxiety.

When puppies follow us everywhere, this is also part of a process known as imprinting. An animal will often identify the first living being that they encounter as their parent. Once a puppy does this, they will never want to leave your side. This process typically takes place when a pet parent brings home a puppy who is 3 to 12 weeks old.

Dogs also experience the release of oxytocin just like humans do. Being around their treasured humans triggers the release of this happiness chemical and makes them want to be around us even more. Dogs are happiest when they are around their pack. In some instances, it may be best for owners to get a second dog to nurture the pack mentality in their pet.

There are also times when a dog will follow you out of sheer nosiness. They are curious animals by nature and they simply want to make sure that you are not doing anything fun without them. For all they know, you are heading to a room that is full of unlimited treats and games. Unless you are someone who has a new puppy suffering from separation anxiety, none of these explanations are anything to worry about.

Your dog loves you deeply and since they cannot express it in words, they do so with their actions. While having a dog underneath your feet at all times may get cumbersome from time to time, it is important for pet owners to remember that their heart is definitely in the right place!