He drove several hours to save this dog with a very rare feature

Coda, an adorable little dog, suffers from an extremely rare syndrome known as the “short spine syndrome”. The animals suffering from this disease have a shortened spine, due to the fusion of the column and the neck. These dogs thus display a rather unique appearance: curved back, elongated muzzle, thick neck.

Despite this particularity, the animal is in perfect health and have nothing to envy their fellows.

Coda was adopted in 2010 by Julie Leroy, who has since done extensive research on the disease of her beloved dog. The young woman came into contact with other owners of doggies suffering from the same syndrome. In total, 21 people responded to his appeal. Among them were Oly Ocampo and Arturo Gof.

Oly Ocampo runs a shelter in Ciudad Del Carmen, Mexico. In August 2016, several dogs abandoned in a field were collected. This is where she met Rambo, also suffering from short spinal syndrome. Oly explains:

I thought he was born as his parents were from the same family.

However, she adds:

With such a pretty head, the differences of Rambo do not matter.

Arturo Gof, meanwhile, works regularly for the association Evolución Animal A.C., located in Yucatan, also in Mexico. The young man, who adopted a dog affected by the syndrome, Mina, recently rescued another doggie suffering from the same disease. Workers at a construction site appealed to him after seeing a man try to kill his dog, which he said was “like a demon”.

Arturo collected the animal, which he named Vlad, and adopted it without hesitation. Alas, Vlad died last year. When the young man heard of Rambo, through Julie, he immediately made his decision. He jumped into his car and went to the Oly Ocampo refuge, several hours away from home. He says :

The moment he saw me, he advanced towards me and began to feel me, to tell me to play with him. He knew I was his new companion.

Arturo decided to change the name of the dog and renamed it “Feliz”, happy in Spanish. The adorable doggie quickly found its place among the family of Arturo, already composed of 17 dogs and 3 horses.