This Guy Surprised His Dog By Dressing Up As Her Favorite Toy

We often dream of meeting our heroes, never thinking it would actually happen… Until it does! This dog had all of his dreams come true when he met a full-sized life version of his favorite toy.

Jolene, the dog adores her Gumby doll, you’d be hard pressed to find her without it! Knowing how much she loves the toy her owner, Ben Mesches, decided to give her the best surprise by dressing up exactly as the Gumby doll.

Hilariously, Ben already had the costume to hand! They filmed Jolene’s reaction and the whole video is so perfect. After the video, Ben reveals to Jolene that it is actually him under the costume but she is not in the least bit disappointed.

Ben said, “She was still very excited for about an hour”. Jolene was worn out from all of the excitement after the surprise and quickly fell asleep cuddling her toy. She loves to snuggle with it and even rests her head on it, so sweet!

“She was still very excited for about an hour,” Mesches said.

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