She starts playing the flute – Dog moans and groans with displeasure in hilarious fashion

Did you ever witness to a child that doesn’t know how to play some instrument? Yet it is persistent. And you only want it to stop. Well, here we have a similar case. Except it isn’t a bad singer. It is great actually. But this dog for some reason doesn’t like it. It might be that he doesn’t like the song, Frère Jacques.

And what makes the fun here is the dog moaning and the girl that is trying to stay focused on singing. But she can’t because the dog is louder. He might just wanna go for a walk really bad. But who knows. Maybe the flute isn’t one of his favorite instruments.

Look at that body of a dog. You can sense how miserable he is because of this flute. And it is kinda adorable. Because it is the flute that is making him like that. We can only wonder how would he act on other instruments, for example, a guitar or violin?

And a message for the girl. It is important to listen to your critics and what they have to say. But the dog is not relevant really. You should maybe bribe him before and after singing.

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