This seriously wounded dog refuses to let go of his teddy bear

In early May 2017, a woman made a terrific discovery in a forest in North Carolina, United States. A seriously wounded dog was among the bushes. His tail was indeed broken and the infection was beginning to gain little by little the body of the poor beast.

The woman warned the authorities, who immediately came to look for the animal before depositing it at the Wilson County shelter. On the spot, however, the volunteers understood that they did not have the means to take care of the dog and therefore contacted the Rescue Dogs Rock NYC association. The animal, named Zeus, was finally sent to a veterinary clinic.

Zeus had to be operated three times, and is still under antibiotics today. Jackie O’Sullivan, founder of the association, explained:

Despite all the pain he never showed aggression.

In order to help the adorable dog recover from this terrible accident, a good Samaritan, who preferred to remain anonymous, gave him a blanket and a teddy bear. The dog particularly loves the toy, which he never leaves, and which, according to Jackie, brings him much comfort.

Healed, Zeus was able to join the family that will take care of him for the rest of his life at the end of May. The dog can now live a peaceful life surrounded by love and affection.

The shelters are populated by adorable animals waiting to find a loving family. Adopt, do not buy! It is indeed a pity to bring others into the world for the sole purpose of selling them. Animals are not demodable goods. To adopt is to save two lives, that of the animal that you welcome in your home, and that of the one who will find a free place in a refuge.