These two adorable brothers have become inseparable since they lost their mother

Juno and Jordan, the two survivors of their litter, were greeted by the East Coast Claws and Paws shelter in New Jersey while their mothers could not feed them.

Their story brought them so close together that they refused to be separated. Unfortunately, this makes their adoption more difficult, since most people who wish to adopt a dog do not want to adopt several.

Two years ago, Tina Wismar had just lost her dog Perry, and she had decided to take her sons to the shelter to play with the dogs.

Tina and her sons immediately fell in love, and when refugee volunteers asked who they wanted to adopt, she immediately responded “both. ”

They were so attached to each other. If one was running, the other was following him immediately, and they rolled together on the ground, licking the faces of my sons. They were in the middle of a real show.

Tina’s husband, however, did not jump when he heard the news. For him, two young dogs in a house represent too much work. And he was right.

Tina readily admits that there have been difficult times, when the two inseparables were getting into trouble, but she would not go back for anything in the world.

They are adorable, running together and taking care of each other. Even now they are inseparable. They are very funny and affectionate, and they have brought so many good things into our family.