Woman in Thailand sees a puppy dragging his hind legs, ends vacation early to bring dog home

When Meagan took a vacation to Thailand recently, she expected to enjoy some much-needed rest and relaxation on the beach. However, she ended up coming across an utterly pitiful sight. While some travelers might have been able to ignore it and continue to enjoy their stay, she could not allow this awful event to continue taking place.

The pitiful sight in question was a dog who no longer had the ability to use his hind legs. The paraplegic pup was clearly not long for this world and to make matters even worse, he was also starving and completely covered in ticks. Meagan attempted to place the dog in contact with various local animal rescue facilities, but none of them were actually able to take the poor creature in.

Meagan eventually came to the conclusion that she could not leave this dog behind and she even gave him a new name: Leo. She was going to bring him back home with her and a fundraising campaign was set up to assist her in this endeavor. She would need money in order to cover the expenses of transporting him back home and providing him with the medical assistance he needed before he could find a foster home.

The Facebook page that was set up in the dog’s name caught the attention of a woman named Jamie and while she had the time to take care of him, she said that she would need assistance with the financial aspect. Meagan is happy that she stepped up to the plate and by all accounts, she was the perfect type of person to take on a unique dog like this one.

Once Meagan returned to Canada with Leo in tow, it was not long before he was given the chance to spend some time with his new mother. He’s already on the mend and he loves his new diet. He’s also been given the chance to make friends with some local pups, as well as other concerned humans. He’ll be given the wheels he needs to get around and have a chance to live the life he’s always deserved.

Best of all, his foster mother Jamie has decided that being Leo’s foster mother is not enough for her. She has taken on the full time responsibility of caring for this special pup and if not for Meagan’s willingness to step up to the plate, we shudder to think about what might have happened to this poor pup. Please share Leo’s awesome story with your friends and loved ones.

Dog in Thailand from Meagan on Vimeo.