Women Find An Abandoned Dog Tied To A Pole With A Heartbreaking Note Lying Beside Him

Pet ownership is a major commitment. While most of us are able to put our own selfishness to the side and care for our animals, there are others who find this impossible. When we bring an animal home, we are supposed to do everything in our power to ensure their health and safety. Unfortunately, there are far too many would be pet owners that do not share this sentiment.

They may feel as if they are ready to make the proper commitment, but when push comes to shove? They are most certainly not. Some fall into the trap of believing that they can simply get rid of their pet once they are tired of the responsibility. This is why we find so many animals that have been cruelly dumped into the world with no place to go.

Bianca and her cousin reside in the state of South Carolina. They were out running some errands one day when they came across a pooch who had been tied to a tree. Worst of all, there was no owner anywhere in sight. It was quite obvious that the dog had been abandoned entirely. The two women found the dog and decided that they were not going to leave the animal all alone.

Once they came closer to the dog, they found a note. The dog’s previous owner was no longer able to take care of him because he had been arrested for possession of narcotics. The dog’s name was Scooter and his owner Eric had decided to keep young Scooter out of police possession by handing him off to a couple of his buddies instead.

These “fantastic” friends decided to ditch the dog at the first opportunity. While Eric had at least made somewhat of an attempt to do the right thing, his friends opted to take the easy way out. Once Bianca found the dog, she posted a message about his plight on her Facebook page. She then received a response from Paula, who is the operator of the South Eastern Homeless Shelter.

Paula is now taking care of Scooter and she plans on doing everything in her power to make sure that he finds a forever home. Thanks to the efforts of these special ladies, Scooter has been saved from a life on the street. Please take a moment to share this story, so that awareness can be spread about the dangers of dog dumping.