At 17, she creates a refuge and offers a new life to more than 170 rabbits and rodents

Chloé was only 14 when, in May 2014, she created the association “Les grandes oreilles” to help rabbits and other rodents in need.

This young animal lover from Saint-Romain-de-Jalionas, in Isère, wanted to go after having collected two rabbits from her cousin who no longer wanted them and when soon after, a third rodent ran to her house.

Chloe’s mother, Annie, begins the adventure and creates the association, which first settles in a hut at the back of the family garden where the animals find refuge. The young girl soon made a name for herself in the neighborhood, especially after meeting with most of the veterinarians.

Since SPA refuges only collect cats or dogs, Chloé is quickly victim of its success and dozens of rabbits, chinchillas, hamsters or other abandoned guinea pigs are entrusted to her.

“People buy [rabbits] for the children who take care of them for the first three months and then they do not want any more. So the parents give them up and they put them on the street because a rabbit is supposed to be able to manage.

Three years later, Chloé has a 70 m2 room where she accommodates her boarders waiting to find a home.

Dozens of volunteers joined the association “Les grands oreilles” and took turns to help. Chloé relies on the support of a veterinarian and donations from private individuals to cover medical expenses.

As for food, she has grown accustomed to mounting “shopping cart operations” in front of supermarkets in the area to harvest bags of croquette or litter.

In three years, the dedication of Chloé and her entourage allowed more than 170 rodents to find a home. “We feel that [Chloe] is really very involved in his association, if all the associations were managed like that, it would be a good point,” concludes a veterinarian who has supported the girl since her beginnings.