Baby White Rhino Was Left All Alone To Die. Now, She Won’t Stop Chasing Her Favorite Human

Poaching is an absolutely terrible crime. Not only causes misery to the surviving animals, who must handle the loss of their family members, but it also does threaten already precarious populations of cute animals all in the name of cash.

The loss of a parent is not only moving for orphaned babies; it is a life-and-death situation.

That was the case for a two-month-old white rhino named Nandi who was spotted wandering around all alone after her mother was brutally shot and killed by poachers.

Magically, Nandi succeeded to survive on her own, but she probably would not have made it if not for the great humans who discovered her and took her to The Rhino Orphanage.

This orphanage concentrates on the care of rhinos and is supported by the Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation. This sanctuary attempts to provide refuge for rhinos whose parents were killed by poachers (which sadly appears usually), and to protect this threatened population.

Nandi settled in fast at the orphanage, where she is being cared for by her new human friends. At 2 months, she still wants milk every few hours.

Today, she is progressing so well and starting to eat solid foods. She has also found a new beloved pastime: following her human pals around!