He drives 4 hours a day to provide water for drought-affected animals

For nearly a year, rainfall phenomena have been rare in Kenya. The country is experiencing an intense drought – aggravated by global warming – that affects the local populations but also (and especially) the wild animals of the region.

The water points have, thus for the most part, completely emptied, condemning many animal species to die of thirst. A scourge against which relentlessly fights the association TSAVO volunteers:

Patrick Kilonzo Mwalua, 41, is the founder of this NGO to protect wildlife species threatened with extinction in Africa. When he does not work on his farm, this Kenyan farmer converts himself into a truck driver at a very special mission.

Nicknamed “the guardian of the elephants”, Patrick does not hesitate to drive several times a week for more than 4 hours, with on board 3,000 gallons (nearly 110 hectoliters) of fresh water for the many thirsty animals.

The animals Patrick comes to help recognize the sound of his truck in the distance, which sounds like a deliverance after hours or even days without drinking. They then crowd impatiently around the vehicle while Patrick fills with water the tank intended for this purpose. The activist tells The Dodo:

Last night there were 500 buffaloes waiting around the tank. They felt the water on my arrival. They hurriedly approached each other and drank all the water before my eyes.


In addition to this activity, Patrick educates children and adults, on a voluntary basis, on the importance of preserving fauna and flora. They try to pass on their passion for animals to the younger generations.