Couple Returns To Hotel And Spots An Uninvited Giraffe Drinking From Their Swimming Pool

This couple had just returned to their room at Kariega Game Reserve in South Africa when they were greeted by an unexpected guest. The pair did not expect to see a thirsty giraffe at their elevated outdoor pool that’s for sure!

The giraffe was slurping water and there was nothing but a glass door and windows to separate the couple and the wild animal. Kali Sakai, a writer, quickly grabbed her camera so she could capture this special moment. The water in the pool was not chlorinated so it was safe for the giraffe to drink.

The giraffe paused for a moment to look at Kali and her husband inside the room. The gorgeous animal didn’t mind being filmed at all, he was enjoying the refreshments and eventually continued on his journey. Kali and her husband were blown away by the experience. Truly unforgettable.

Check out the incredible video below:

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