Saving the Nokota horse breed, a descendent from Sitting Bull’s horses, from extinction (Video)

In Linton, North Dakota, something truly heartwarming is taking place. A kind-hearted man named Frank Kuntz has taken on the task of trying to save a horse breed from extinction, along with his brother Leo. The two brothers are trying their very best to preserve the Nokota horse.

The Nokota horse is thought to be descended from Sitting Bull’s buffalo ponies, so when Frank and Leo discovered them in a North Dakota National Park, they knew they had to act on their tremendous discovery.

They established the Nokota Horse Conservancy in 1999 to save the bloodline of horse that was once thriving in western North Dakota. And, well, the rest is history!

Frank and Leo now devote their entire lives to making sure the Nokota horse will still be around in generations to come. They started off with just a couple of horses, and they now own roughly half of the estimated 1,000 that are left in the world.

The heroic brothers’ work has attracted the attention of news organizations all over the world, including ARD, a German network. The crew spent a few days near Linton filming a travel segment on the farm. The Kuntz brothers hope this will encourage more people to come and visit, and see the incredible work they are doing. If it wasn’t for them, this gentle horse breed would probably be close to dying out altogether.

Check out the incredible video below and get inspired.