Astounding Horse Performance. Watch Her Legs When Music Starts!

I bet you’ve never seen a horse as graceful as Blue Hors Matiné.
At only 9 years old at the time of this performance Matiné mesmerised the audience in this sensational performance. You can see the rhythm and sense of entertainment in the video alone so we can only imagine how incredible it was to witness in person. The horse looks like she’s enjoying doing the performance as much as we enjoy watching her! This horse is without a doubt one of the most elegant we have seen.
The video shows her performance in the WEG 2006 competition.

Andreas Helgstrand is the horse trainer and performer who took to the stage with Blue Hors to shock the world and show exactly what he and his horse were capable of. This truly beautiful performance should be seen and enjoyed by everyone. The video has millions of views and went viral shortly after being posted online. Although an old video it is without a doubt worth watching, the amazing Blue Hors Matiné mesmerises all of us despite her young age.

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